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Thrifty Patient believes that there is nothing more powerful then people coming together. When tragedy strikes, it’s kind and caring people, ready to take action, who make the difference. Throughout the month, we’ll be hunting the internet and featuring different fundraisers. We hope we can help bring attention to these families and people in need and maybe make it a little easier to connect them with generous people. If you’d like to submit your fundraiser or know of a worthy cause, please click below to email us. 

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Nepali Association of Northern California

Dear Bay area Nepali community organizations, 
We, Nepali Association of Northern California(NANC), would like to request  for valuable support for the 8 years old girl named Prasisa Neupane who lives in San Pablo CA. Doctor has declared that she has very little time  on this world. She has been surviving with a brain tumor since long. Therefore, her parent wants to take her Nepal. This family are requesting  your valuable support from our community to arrange some expenses for day to day life. They are low-income family,  have no resources to cover the expenses. 

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The Brubakers

Good evening friends and family of Eric and Peggy. 
I would like to start by thanking you for your generous support. It means so much to the family. I also wanted to give you an update on their daughter’s condition. 

Due to what we are now finding out was an extremely rare combination of a virus and bacterial infection, their 10 year old daughter Norah went into septic shock on Wednesday morning. After 3+ days of round the clock care, we are just starting to see a few signs of hope and recovery but each victory illuminates the next 100 grueling steps.

The road ahead is a very long one, but we hope and pray that these small incremental steps are the first of many.

– Daryl Brubaker

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How to Fundraise

Many people use sites like Gofundme to help start their fundraisers. Other options are available too. MegaDeeds for instance, is another fundraising platform. In the future we’ll have a guide for how to start your own fundraiser using these platforms.

For now, if you want a fundraiser featured on our site, Thrifty Patient just needs to be assured it’s a vetted cause by being on a site like those listed above, or one that is associated with a known organization. We’re hoping we can help. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to click below!

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