Why Thrifty Patient? – 3 Honest Reasons

Why Thrifty Patient? is the very first question you should ask yourself when visiting our website. How can you spot a health care savings website that puts your interests first from one that doesn’t? Let’s talk about three ways Thrifty Patient stands apart. You’ll quickly see Why Thrifty Patient is source for your medical news!

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1. Why Thrifty Patient? – Because we have a Vision for Medical Savings

“We envision a world where a patient’s finances are never a barrier to treatment and where finances are respected as a co-equal pillar of health alongside the pillars of body, mind, spirit, and community”

We believe in practicing what we preach. At Thrifty Patient every post and article will be created to work for you. If you ever think that’s not the case, we want you to call us out on it!


2. Why Thrifty Patient?  Because We Work For You

Our articles are written not to convince, but to inform. This is an important distinction. Many businesses out there will market to you with the goal being to convince you of something. Most of them are pretty slick about it, ever watch an ad for food and get hungry?

Our goals are much different. We feel knowledge is power, and the more you know about personal healthcare economics, the more empowered you are. If you leave our site empowered to spend less on healthcare then we know we’ve done our job.

Two great examples of the work we do:

Generic Vs. Brand Name: The Shocking Price Difference of the 10 Most Common Drugs

How can I learn about Drug Recalls?


3. Why Thrifty Patient? – Look at Our Commitment to Partner Transparency

While we do make money from affiliate links, sponsors, and advertisers we promise you that we’ll always be 100% transparent about it. Not only that, but we’ll never take money from a group or to promote a product that we don’t believe in or that doesn’t put your best interests first. The moment we intentionally stop putting your interests first is the day we close this site.

All that being said, talk is cheap. We hope you stick around for the ride and we hope we can make a difference in your financial health. If even one person leaves this site empowered from something they read, then we consider it all to have been well worth the effort!

Why Thrifty Patient? Because We Got Your Back!

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