Get Your Free National Park Pass

5 Ways to Get a Free National Park Pass

Can I Get a Free National Park Pass?

Spring is here and the weather is finally warming up. As part of our launch into April, we’ll be exploring five ways to get a free national park pass. Read below to find out who qualifies for a free national park pass. Want to just skip to the park page? Click Here!

1. You have a Qualifying Permanent Disability

Free National Park Pass

Who is Eligible?: This free LIFETIME pass is available to people who have been medically determined to have a permanent disability.

To get the pass you can either fill out the online form, mail in a paper application, or apply in person. If you fill out the application online or mail it in, there’s a $10 processing fee. If you are planning to apply in person, then you do not need to fill out any forms in advance, just make sure to contact the site to ensure they have passes available. As with all of these passes, in addition to yourself, this pass also covers everyone in the same vehicle as you.

Documentation Needed for the Free National Park Pass

Here’s the requirements for documentation, directly from the form:

A statement signed by a licensed physician attesting that you have a permanent physical, mental, or sensory impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, and stating the nature of the impairment;


A document issued by a Federal agency, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Administration, which attests that you have been medically determined to be eligible to receive Federal benefits as a result of blindness or permanent disability. Other acceptable Federal agency documents include proof of receipt of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI);


A document issued by a State agency such as a vocational rehabilitation agency, which attests that you have been medically determined to be eligible to receive vocational rehabilitation agency benefits or services as a result of medically determined blindness or permanent disability. Showing a State motor vehicle department disability sticker, license plate or hang tag is not acceptable documentation.

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Honorable Mention

6. Discounted Senior Passes

Discounter National Park Tickets for Seniors

Who is Eligible?: US Citizens and permanent residents 62 or older.

The Senior Pass is one of the very best bargains out there. For $80 you can get a lifetime pass or for $20 the annual pass.

$80 won’t even get you a day at theme park, but it will buy you lifetime access to every national park in the US sounds like a pretty great deal to me! Read more here.  

2. You’re a US 4th Grader

Who Qualifies?: This is a really fun program available to all 4th Graders in the US.

Educators can even get the annual free national park passes for each of their 4th Grade Students. Here are the details! More rules and conditions can be found here!

3. You’re a Member of the US Military

Who Qualifies?: All current US military members and their dependents. Also most members of the US Reserves and National Guard and all of their dependents.

You’ll need your military ID when applying (CAC Card of DOD Form 1173). This’ll get you (and your dependents) a free $80 annual pass to the parks. Here’s the full FAQ for the annual military park pass.

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4. You’ve Volunteered more then 250 hours at a

Who is Eligible?: Anyone who has volunteered 250+ hours at a national park.

This free national park pass is a really nice perk to reward your generosity and dedication. You do not need to complete all 250 hours in a single year. Read more about the volunteer passes here and here.

5. You Head to the Park on a Free Entrance Day

Fee Free Days

2019 Has a number of free entrance days to the National Parks

Straight from the website ala the very journalistic copy-and-paste.

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Free Dental Care – 9 Easy Ways to Find a Free Dental Clinic Today!

Dental Care is an often ignored, but very important part of your health! Neglecting dental health can result in expensive bills down-the-road and unintended health consequences. For many people the primary barrier to dental care is cost.

In this article we show you how to get completely, 100% free, dental care from local clinics! Stay tuned, because in future posts we’ll highlight other free community health and dental care programs that you should know about! 


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Dental Care is important to your health, but can be costly. Here are some ways to get free dental care.
Photo by Peter Kasprzyk on Unsplash

1.Free Dentistry Day

There are many dental clinics that offer free days for kids
Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

This is a great program with dental clinic events all over the US. Their website looks like it’s updated frequently by a really dedicated and caring group. There may be some restrictions at some locations – like some days may only be for kids or seniors and so on, so read up before travel. But if you’re near a location that’s having an event it’s a great option for free dental care.


Photo by Kassidy Sherburne on Unsplash

Now THIS is a website you should definitely bookmark! They have a huge database of free and sliding-scale dental clinics in every state. They also have listings for dental clinics geared towards special needs and disabled populations. You may need to hunt around a little to find what you’re looking for, but if you’re concerned about your or a loved one’s dental health it’s well worth it!

3. ‘Give Kids a Smile’ Program

Photo by Brenda Teixeira on Unsplash

The American Dental Association runs many wonderful programs, but this may be there best. The Give Kids a Smile program works with practices to hold free cleaning and dental education events for kids. As far as free dental care programs go, this is a winner! Ask at the Give Kids a Smile Facebook page for upcoming events. ProTip: Check out the recipient list on the ADA website. If you’re nearby to a practice on that list, reach out and see if they’ve held their event yet! 



4. Dentistry From the Heart

Photo by Mara Ket on Unsplash

Dentistry from the Heart is a non-profit “working to supply the world with free dental care services.” These kind-hearted individuals have a great website with lists of events at local dental clinics.

You should read the FAQ and please note this program is geared towards adults! If you’re looking for dental care for children, check out one of the programs listed above.

5. Dental Schools are a Source of Free Dental Care

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

Dental schools are a great option for free dental care! The students get practice and you get free care. Not to mention the students are supervised by dental teachers, are some of the most skilled and experienced practitioners out there, supervise everything. You can find a list of dental schools on the ADA website.

6. Mission of Mercy – Free Community Health and Dental Care
(AZ, MD, PA, TX)

Mission of Mercy is a tremendous community health and dental care program
Photo by Alexei Scutari on Unsplash

If you live in Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Texas your in luck! This faith-based, independent, non-profit organization has been providing free dental, medical, and prescription medications since 1994. The community health and dental care programs run by the Mission of Mercy help countless people across these four states. 

You’ll definitely see Mission of Mercy in future posts here at Thrifty Patient, but don’t wait until then! Check out their site for free dental options.

7. American Dental Association


We’ve already covered the ADA’s big kid’s program – the Give Kids a Smile Program. Also keep an eye on their main website for upcoming events.

8. VA Dental Insurance Program

Source: Craig Adderley

For Veterans, you have access to the VA dental insurance program. This is a discounted insurance program that also can extend to beneficiaries. If you’re a veteran you should take a look at the website and the fact sheet for more info!

9. The Health and Human Services Website Has Dental Health Care Options


The Health and Human Services website has a list of low-cost programs dental care. If you meet certain income requirements in certain states, the care might be entirely free! They also have a few free dental care programs listed. It’s worth taking a look!

Do you know of any other suggestions? Have you used any of the services we list above? Submit any dental clinics or free dental health programs on our tips page!